Heron QAE

The Heron Quality Assurance Engine (further HeronQAE) is designed to carry out checks on the structure, content and integrity of digital files produced in mass digitization projects (such as, for example, the range of archives Metamorfoze).

HeronQAE is currently available as a standalone application for Windows environment. Versions for other platforms are works in progress. Pricing follows after discussing your needs.


Basic module:

  • checksumcontroles (based delivery in tables, several possible formats, e.g.. MD5 one SHA512)
  • file names and locations (against template file structure names and patterns in)
  • monitoring zero byte files
  • id-controle (if there is a list of expected files are present, e.g. access an archive)

Module Header Controle:

  • Checking the contents of specified header fields

Module Metadata:
Matches inzake metadata. Examples:

  • comparing contents of various metadata elements (XML elements or attributes, columns in CSV files, header fields)
  • comparison structural metadata (are file names in correlation tables similar to file names in METS or MPEG-21)
  • controls included in metadata checksums (PREMIS, MPEG21) etc.

This module is configured in detail with the customer.

Module Match Daytargets:
This module generates, on the basis of date, time and information about the hardware used (must be present in the header fields) a concordance between dagtargets and associated images. If desired, can be monitored on the basis of this concordance, if there is not too much time elapsed between the recording of a dagtarget and recording an image.

sample Module:
Generates, on the basis of the establishment of the desired percentage of samples, and a file path and / or patterns of file names, a sample. The files of this sample can be copied to a new location (For example, for manual control), but it is also possible to control the basic module, implement the module header control module and metadata on the results of the sample (i.p.v. All files).

Integratioe jpylyzer:
NB: jpylyzer is not part of HeronQAE, this is integration of jpylyzer control in HeronQAE workflow, and if the reporting module plus purchased – storage of the results in the reports.

Testtargets (expected in August 2017):
Checks falling or shooting targets within given specifications. two variants:

  1. 1) Control readings or third party software (e.g. ETC., of IQ-analyzer) within given specifications are.
  2. 2) Complete specifications readings and analysis against target shooting.

Reporting Module-plus:
NB: the standard reports are from HeronQAE, optionally, in the form of text files or XML. Level of reporting (everything, only warnings and errors, or errors only) is anyway to set. This concerns additional functionality. Heron I.M. can, if desired, provide tools to preserve the reports (so that there is, for example,, by processing in installments, also can be viewed much inventory numbers of the expected total already delivered), manage and visualize.

In long-term projects, the purchase of Reporting plus highly recommended, because if the statement can be saved, and the report can be designed such that it can be for example, sent directly to clients.

Pricing and Support: in consultation.

Please contact Martijn van der Kaaij (martijn@heronim.eu) for a demonstration, or to determine in more detail which modules you would need, and what, if any is required specific adaptations. On that basis Pricing follows.

Heron QAE in action: detailed overview on errors (if any) in batches of digitized data.